Organizer: Polo Partner Berlin

Any other information – especially for our courses for advanced and tournament players – email us or please contact Daniela Kunert’s mobile number +49 (0)173 903 6700  

Beginner Courses  

Have you ever desired to be a “Marlboro – Man” and longed to be like him? But you never have been on a horse?  Our Polo ponies will show you how it feels within 3 days to gallop throughout the Brandenburg Forest.   

Start up Courses  

Already a rider, but you never have ridden in top speed with a polo mallet in one hand?  In 3 days you will learn everything you need to know about the polo game; from an individual rider, to a team player.  Be aware, that Polo playing is known to be contagious   and there is no antidote  


For all of you who would like to explore the Heath land and Brandenburg’s forests landscape, our polo ponies are ready to take you on a 1 to 3 hour riding excursion.


Dates for 2013


Even outside the above-mentioned dates, can you book a riding lesson – (except on Mondays, since our horses have a day rest).  You can also join us  by playing in the tournaments  or just come and have a look.  You are always welcome.  

All polo equipment can be borrowed.  

For more information and all the games, for beginners or advance please visit the following sites: