Our Team


Nothing on a project is so important, as the team that implements it.  We at Schlossgut Schönwalde, work hand in hand, each in its place, and everyone where it is needed.  Our visitors will soon feel, not only being well taken care of and feel like a “King”, but a welcome part of the whole.  

Strangers become friends – we hope that you soon will join us!


Ariane Benkmann
Equestrian Horse Trainer and Stable HandAriane is currently pursuing her studies in Agro economics.  Ariane will accompany you on hacks and is in charge of the pony and carriage rides.  She looks after our horses and the horses of our guests.

Matthias Hubert
Garden and Landscape builder
Matthias is the reason for the beauty of our Oleander trees and the well maintained lawns at Schlossgut Schönewalde, as well as the recently build pergolas and planted rose bushes.

Daniela Kunert
Horse Economic Master - our “Stable manager”
Daniela gives horse back riding lessons, organizes each chucker (periods of play in a polo match) in the polo games.  She is the contact person for all workshops and training applications.Call her for your horse riding needs under
+49 173 903 6700

Bernardo Podesta
Professional Polo player from Argentina and Head Coach of the Polo School at our Estate
Bernardo comes from a traditional Estanciero family and a well-known breeder of Argentinean Polo horses.  Coach Bernardo is popular and beloved by his students. Some of them have even traveled all the way to Argentina in the winter, to visit him in his farm.  He heads the Polo seminars and the polo ponies schooling and training.  He has the ability, as our Grill expert, to bring out the best of the wild boar very delicate tidbits. 

Jürgen Pullem
Editor and linguist
Jürgen is the Cultural Attaché of our Estate, and ensures the maintenance of our museum.   In addition to the Estate responsibilities, he assures that the Estate has the best wines, specially coming from the Wine production areas of Spain.

Thore Redepenning
“Schloss Executive Chef”
Our own Chef will enchant you with his meals, which bridge the gap, between Brandenburg Cuisine specialties and Mediterranean interpretation.  He will surprise his guest with new variations of different dishes that includes inspirations from the native Forest, our stable and natural resource.  He grabs the salmon from the culinary Bosporus and the strawberries in the asparagus.  His kitchen is simply heavenly.

Dr. Inge Schwenger
Doctor, entrepreneur and Polo enthusiastic
As “Mother” from the Estate and President from the local "Berliner Polo Club e.V. since 1906", she manages and directs the Polo School.  She makes sure, that even hopeless pedestrians visiting the Estate, will know how to canter in our beautiful Forrest’s within a couple of days. After a workshop, you could find her in the kitchen, preparing homemade pasta with the finest ingredients for the participants.

Mario Winter
House and Foreman from the Estate.
Mario does it all.  The Estate would not look as good as it does without his magical hands.  The tractor runs smoothly, the fences are immaculate and everything that has to run efficiently with electricity and water does.  He is the boss of the Estate dogs and transports the polo ponies throughout Europe when on Tour.

Our Estate dogs Tilly, Tussi and Terra