Art and Savory

During 2013 we offer you a wide range of different cultural and culinaric appetizers.

So as....  

Crime Scene at the Estate  

The crime investigator from our TV channel, ARD, invites you to have dinner with us.  We will watch how the dual inspectors solve the case.  We will be serving meals dedicated by our TV-inspectors.  12 Euros for advance booking and 15 Euros on the day.

Begin will be 8pm – please contact us for more information. 


Criminal Theatre 


“Moerderische Erscheinung” – Murderous Appearance  

There will be a Prussian crime dinner with four acts… excuse me four course dinner for all baroque mystery lovers.  

Is performing the ensemble of the Papilio Theatre.  Our menu will include blue beans, green widows, wild sows and bombs for the grand finale.   65 Euros includes dinner and appetizer.  Tickets available only for advance booking.  

Begin 7pm - please contact us for more information.


Surprise from our Kitchen and cellar  

Schloss Executive Chef  Thore Redepenning and Cultural Cellar expert Hans Juergen Pullem will accompany you this year to explore the culinary world.    

How to cook it….cook courses with a different spice.

Once a month we will enchant you with our cooking and show you our secrets, with what our resources of Mother Nature provides us from our Field, Stable and Forests.  You can not only be a bystander while we mix the spices and ingredients together, you can also nose around, comment and ask questions.  We will explore with recipes and ingredients to create a different face to the everyday dishes.   Fitting wines and spirits will enchant the evening.  

45 Euros inclusive drinks ( only advance booking is accepted, minimum of 10 people is required, maximum 15 cook fanatics. )

Begin 6pm - please contact us for more information.